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Product, Model (Incld Brand):_1999 Suzuki TL1000R (Suzuki blue-white colours)_ *
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.I wish to sell a 1999 model TLR1000 (blue and white colour scheme) with Yoshimura exhaust + a large assortment of TL1000R parts.
It has cosmetic damage from a low speed lowside, which would be easily fixed.
The bike has 65,000 kilometers on the odometer, and the engine has 45,000 kilometers on it.

I need the garage space back for other projects, so the parts and the bike must go in one sale

The TL1000R is fitted with Eiback springs in the forks + modified valving for an 80 kilo rider, by suspension specialist Kroozetune.
Rear rotary damper modified for better damping action by Kroozetune.
Spare engine, but i have been told that it has a damaged piston.
Spare TL1000R crankshaft
Spare TL1000R connecting rods
Spare TL1000R cylinder heads
Spare TL1000R cylinders/barrels
Spare TL1000R fuel pumps
Spare TL1000R pistons
Spare TL1000R gearbox
Set of road tyres
Set of slick tyres
Set of tyre warmers
Set of race stands.
Spare front screen.
Spare seat cowl.

The engine has been serviced by Phil Tainton, and the power curve optimised on his dyno, of which it made 117 rear wheel horsepower, which is in the ballpark for a strong TL1000R engine.

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JS1AM111400 100343 *(Must Have If Road Bike)
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0432 115 239
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